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Bonzai Wingsuit Rentals is founded on the idea that everyone qualified to wingsuit should be able to experience flight with various suits before deciding on one to purchase. We know that each suit is as unique as you are, and we want people to be able to choose what works best for them. Each Phoenix Fly suit is customized for fit and flying style. Being able to test various suit styles before buying gives you the advantage in this sport.

For some, buying a suit is not only not economical but not practical.  We want to help you get a suit fast, for the weekend jumps with last minute notice.  Speed and ease in processing is our specialty.  We just want to see people flying wingsuits; even if not with Bonzai, we hope you find a suit that is perfect for you!


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Shadow Edge


Welcome to wingsuiting!  The shadow edge is the perfect beginner suit for those looking to build their skills in the acrobatic environment or those in First Flight Courses (FFC).  Built from the Phantom 3 and Shadow platform, the Shadow Edge packs an agile and maneuverable punch in a suit that is fun to fly and play around in the sky with.   For those interested in backflying, acrobatics, and agile flying this suit is for you.  The hands-free flying courtesy of a griper-less design allows for everything from smooth exits and flights all the way through to an easy pull. Recommended for FFC/ Student training.  Current sizes available for Shadow Edge online rental:  5′-5″, 5′-6″, 5′-7″, 5′-8″, 5′-9″, 5′-11″, 6′-2″, or 6′-4″. 



Phantom 3 / Phantom Edge



Welcome to wingsuiting! The Phantom 3 is the ultimate suit to start your wingsuiting career. The Phantom and Shadow have proven to be the best suits for FFC (First Flight Course). They continue to get great results in flocking, acrobatic competition and performance. If you’re looking to do a FFC, then the Shadow or Phantom are the suits to rent. If you need a coach please check our coaches list! Recommended for FFC/ Student training.  Current sizes available for Phantom 3 online rental:  5′-11″



Havok Carve


Here is a suit for people who want to party in the sky! The Havoc Carve will compliment your flying style with ease and allow you to back-fly like a boss! This suit will give you the opportunity to fly a back fly slot with minimum effort and help you progress towards flying bigger suits! Recommended 80 WS jumps with a beginner suit.  Current sizes available for Havok Carve online rental:  5′-11″, or 6′-2″





Ideal for those wanting more time in the sky! The Hunter has been tested and proven to be a strong suit for skydiving as well as BASE. If you’re looking for a big suit to fly camera, XRW, or backfly, then the Hunter is the suit to rent.  Recommended 200 wingsuit jumps.  Current sizes available for Hunter  online rental:   6′-0″



Bonzai Wingsuit Coaching

Bonzai Wingsuit Coaching has a structured teaching program from beginning wingsuiting to advanced flying skills. Phoenix Fly FFC has been proven to be one of the most structured and safest FFCs, of which Darren Burke is a Phoenix Fly examiner. This means Bonzai is here to take you from where you are at and get you where you want to be!! Your goals are Bonzai’s goals!


Our coaches include Darren Burke, Jose Calderon and Steven Holden
If we are unavailable, check the list of Phoenix Fly certified coaches on their website here.

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  • FAQ and Information section for wingsuit rentals:

    Question:  What suits do you currently have in stock?


    Shadow Edge:

    Shadow Edge 5′-5″

    Shadow Edge 5′-6″

    Shadow Edge 5′-7″

    Shadow Edge 5′-9″

    Shadow Edge 5′-11″

    Shadow Edge 6′-2″

    Shadow Edge 6′-4″

    Phantom 3:

    Phantom 3   5′-11″

    Havok Carve:

    Havok Carve 5′-11″

    Havok Carve 6′-2″


    Hunter 6′-0″

    Question: How do I rent a suit?

    Answer:  Find a suit here and select one of the suits in our available range that you prefer.  Note the available sizes for each range.  Click the green button below the picture labeled “Rent This Suit” and fill in necessary information in order to get the ball rolling.  From there stand by patiently and wait for your new suit to arrive and use!

    Question:  How does pricing work?

    Answer: Pricing will commence from the time the suit arrives at your location until the time it is received back at our location.  Pricing is $40/day, $100/ week, or $200/ month.  Your duration will round up.  So, for example if you rent for 3 days * $40/ day = $120 you will only be charged for the $100/ week price.

    Question: How does shipping work?

    Answer:  Please re-use original box that was sent with your suit to return the suit back to us.  If you have damaged / destroyed the box and cannot be used for return, please return in a large box so as not to damage the suit or performance foam.  The performance foam allows your suit to help mimic a rigid wing and is not a fan of being bent, so please take great care not to fold it as it will break.

    Question: I’ve damaged the suit, now what?

    Answer: Please contact us ASAP to discuss options and if replacement suit is needed.  Condition of all suits are checked prior to shipping and once it has been returned.  Renter is responsible for all damage to the suit and will be charged accordingly. Keep as long as you want and send back to our address.  Please note invoices will be adjusted according to how long your suit has been kept. 

    Question: How do I lace up the suit?

    Answer:  As a reminder, if you are unclear about this step, we advise you to seek the help of one of our coaches Please see video below for instructions on suit rigging.  Note that recent Phoenix-Fly design changes have been made there are some suits including the Shadow Edge line that use clips.  Please see a wingsuit coach or email us if you are unsure how to fasten these clips properly.  We take your safety seriously and any issue relating to assembling a wingsuit around a rig is a serious and potentially devastating mistake that can easily be avoided.  Please contact us if you have any questions.  We are working on instructions for this line to be posted here soon.


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